4 Senior Housing Options To Suit Specific Lifestyles

Many people assume that transitioning to a retirement home means accepting a bland or generic way of life -- but they're wrong. If you don't see yourself playing checkers and watching TV for the remainder of your days, rest assured that you can find retirement communities that cater to your true passions and interests. Here are four types of senior housing designed to appeal to specific groups.

1. For Road Warriors

Life on the road can be hard to give up for a lifelong car or motorcycle buff, not to mention someone who has enjoyed touring the country in a nomadic lifestyle. These "road warriors" may want to look at retirement communities that allow them to keep their hand in their favorite hobbies, even if they're no longer sitting in the driver's seat. Examples include:

  • RV communities - Some RV (recreational vehicle) communities focus on providing health care and other types of assisted living care to a 55-plus demographic. If you live in your RV, you can simply park it one of these communities and pay for a long-term lease. 
  • Vehicle buff communities - These senior facilities offer safe, scenic driving routes and parking facilities for individuals who keep vintage cars, souped-up motorcycles, and other rare or generally fabulous sets of wheels. 

2. For Artists

One of the freedoms that can make any retirement more fulfilling is the ability to express oneself creatively and/or bask in the creativity of others. If the arts have always played an important role in your life, then consider seeking out an arts-oriented retirement home. Some senior communities go out of their way to provide art galleries, theaters for dramatic and musical presentations, writing classes, and other features to nurture their residents' quality of life through creative endeavors.

3. For Scholars

The learning process need not grind to a halt at high school graduation, retirement, or any other milestone in life. Continuing education provides healthy challenges for the mind and gives people of any age new insights into their world. If learning and/or teaching has always been your passion, it makes sense to choose a retirement community that actively promotes and facilitates education. Look for:

  • Facilities that allow you to interact with younger generations through mentoring, volunteerism, and "foster grandparent" programs
  • On-site continuing education programs for seniors that deliver structured courses and award set numbers of credit hours
  • Senior housing built or annexed onto a college campus for easy access to all the college's resources, from libraries to laboratories

4. For Specific Cultures

If you identify with a a particular cultural or ethnic group, retirement can actually provide golden opportunities for digging more deeply into your roots. As senior housing grows increasingly diverse, it has become better able to cater to specific populations, including Native American and Chinese American seniors. There are also retirement communities aimed at gay and lesbian residents, giving these individuals a place to feel fully comfortable and accepted in their later years. 

Does faith play a central role in your life? Religious seniors can sometimes feel disconnected from this element when they lose the ability to attend the religious institution of their choice. Many retirement facilities offer services and resources aimed at followers of specific beliefs and denominations. Not only does this option give you ready access to the religious services and classes you're accustomed to, but it also surrounds you with like-minded believers who can provide ongoing spiritual support and insights.

As you can see, senior housing can offer far more than just a generic environment in which to grow older. Explore the variety of options out there -- and get ready to get excited about your new life! 

For more information, contact local retirement communities like Schlegel Villages.